Make Love, Not War


Our society has convinced women that fighting our bodies is an inherent part of being a woman.

The makeup industry tells us that we are too plain, so we paint, pluck, and straighten.[1]  The fashion industry tells us we are too big (or too small), so we diet, cleanse, and artificially tighten (or pad).[2]  The entertainment industry tells us we are too boring, so we take selfies, record our lives on social media, and Photoshop every picture. Is it any wonder that we have deeply rooted and widespread body image issues?

We wage war on our bodies because we have been taught that it is the only way to achieve and maintain the bodies we want. Since the sexual revolution, one of the most powerful ways women engage in this battle is by using artificial contraception. Think about it: women swallow pills, insert rings, and implant devices because we wish our bodies worked differently.

It’s a war against women’s bodies, and it’s time for peace. Women will be in a better position to reach societal equality when we have made peace with ourselves. To declare peace, however, we must understand the war we have been fighting. The women who have been fighting their bodies have often done so with the very best of intentions. It is widely believed that to have a successful relationship and plan a family in a responsible manner, couples must use artificial birth control. Successful relationships and responsible parenthood are not only noble goals, but also the components that form the very foundation of any healthy society. Thus, women take on the burden of choosing and using artificial contraception because they are trying their best to take care of themselves, their families, and their communities.

Have you ever wondered if (or wished that) there was another way? There is.

Fertility Awareness-Based Methods offer men and women another choice. These methods teach men and women the intricate and beautiful details about how their bodies work. With this knowledge, couples are able to postpone or achieve pregnancy by making observations about their natural biological cycles and using this information to determine whether the woman is fertile or infertile. (Men are always fertile!)  Fertility Awareness-Based Methods are an empowering and healthy way to family plan without any artificial chemicals, drugs, or products. There aren’t any dangerous side effects or risks, and usage does not leave an environmental footprint. Thankfully, these methods do not force us to compromise our desire for effectiveness. Modern fertility awareness methods are between 95-99% effective at preventing pregnancy (which places them alongside, or even ahead of, artificial forms of contraception).

We have been battling our bodies because we don’t know what our bodies can do. Knowing our bodies enables us to stop fighting them. If you learn about the powerful things your body does, you will begin to respect your body. Respecting your body will naturally transform into being thankful for your body. In turn, being thankful for your body will place you on the path towards loving your body. I can’t think of a healthier reason to love your body than because you understand the dazzling powers your body naturally has.

It’s powerful when we loosen the control that the makeup, fashion, and entertainment industries have over our bodies, but it’s life-changing when we say goodbye to artificial birth control. Our bodies are enough. We are enough. And we are incredible.

Fertility Awareness and Natural Family Planning empower every woman to declare her own armistice day. Let’s make love, not war.

First published by Natural Womanhood 


[1] The Organic Monitor projects that cosmetic sales in the United States and Europe will reach 15 billion dollars in 2015.

[2] According to the National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders, 91% of women surveyed on a college campus had attempted to diet to control their weight.


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