Confession: I Dream About Holding a Clipboard Outside Whole Foods

Am I the only one who gets super anxious when crossing the parking lot at Whole Foods? I just know there’s a really good chance I’m about to have an awkward conversation with a millennial holding a clipboard. Y’all know what I’m talking about.

While you’re trying to grab a shopping cart, a sweet looking 20-something asks you if you want to save a polar bear. You love polar bears, but (1) aren’t sure how your money will actually be spent and (2) have only 35 minutes to get your groceries and be back home in time to make dinner. You accept a flyer and get on with your day.

While I know I can’t be the only one who finds these situations uncomfortable, I’m pretty sure I’m one of the only ones who has actually dreamed of being that person with the clipboard. I want to stand outside Whole Foods and tell those health-conscious shoppers about Natural Family Planning. There are so many taglines I could use.

Tagline #1: “Eliminate hormones from your diet!”

It’s great that people are learning about the negative impacts of hormones in our meats, but what about the hormones many women ingest every morning? One 8 oz. steak from a non-implanted animal contains 3.5 ng. of estrogen. Compare that to the 35,000 ng. of estrogen in a single birth control pill.[1] Unless you are eating 10,000 8 oz. steaks per day, it would make much more sense to stop taking the pill rather than changing the kind of steak you buy. Just saying.

Tagline #2: “Empower women in impoverished nations!”

NFP is a sustainable way to free communities from dependence on outside aid (i.e. condom supplies from foreign countries or the horrific microchips that turn women into robots). Most NFP methods are either free or incredibly low-cost.

Tagline #3: “Save the fish!”

Have you seen the studies that show how fish are changing gender because of the hormones that are put in the water supply as a result of women taking the birth control pill?[2] Many types of birth control pollute our beautiful planet. NFP doesn’t leave an environmental footprint.   Most forms of NFP don’t generate any kind of garbage (or even materials to recycle), not to mention any kind of harmful damage to your body.

Ok, I admit I’m not actually brave enough to stand outside a grocery store and try to start conversations. Maybe you are?





  1. So glad to find this website. Read about you on Aleteia. I’m a 62 yr. old grandmother with four kids and four gandkids and my husband and I were trained as teachers on NFP way back in about 1981. So glad to see you spreading the message for younger women. Praise God and His Goodness!!


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