Exciting news!

It’s with great humility that I share this exciting news with y’all-

The beautiful women’s online magazine “For Her” wrote a portrait about my work!  If you’re interested in reading it, here’s the link: http://forher.aleteia.org/articles/molly-daley-fertility-awareness-body-language/

The article is titled, “Shining a fresh new light on fertility awareness” and I admit I LOVE the tagline: “Molly Daley, founder of the site Body Language, is a 27-year-old activist who sees women’s health- both in body and soul- as linked inextricably with the health of the planet.”  Wow!

(Note: a few days after publication, they changed the title of the article to “Natural Family Planning: why it’s the obvious feminist choice.” )

I hope that this article will help more people feel invited to learn about Fertility Awareness and NFP (and to shed any preconceived notions they may have about this incredible lifestyle).

Love, Molly


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