NFP is…

I would like to challenge you to expand the way you define Natural Family Planning.

Although most people define it this way, I have learned that NFP is NOT just a collection of ways that people avoid or achieve pregnancy.

NFP is a lifestyle….a conversation….NFP is the relationship you have with your body when you know how it works, respect the way it works, and don’t try to manipulate or defeat it. Then, when you have formed that relationship with yourself, you can use it to form a relationship with others.

How do you foster your relationships? You communicate.  It should not be any different with your body. If you are going to have a healthy relationship with your body, you need to constantly check in with how your body is doing.

When you learn how to chart your fertility signs, you are having a deeper and more consistent conversation with your body. You are learning how it works and the unique clues your body gives you about what’s happening with your body at that moment.

I’d love to read some comments about how YOU broaden the way you think about NFP!



  1. I absolutely agree!

    I also love the way my charts can tell me what I need. Luteal phase means I need grace. Fertile phase means I need a challenge (especially if I’m avoiding pregnancy!) Lack of cycles because of breastfeeding means I need rest and nourishment. I could go on =)


  2. As an older woman who never practiced NFP, I define it as a lost opportunity to integrate body and soul in my marriage. So glad my daughters learned
    from my mistakes!


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