How to Make Peace with Change

The end of the summer always makes me sad, but this year, it feels worse for some reason. My sister-in-law started school this week, and I’m more upset about it than she is! Even the college-football hype videos my husband keeps sending me aren’t doing the trick (Roll Tide). I’m not ready to welcome autumn, but it’s headed my way, whether I like it or not.

“To everything there is a season.” My mama taught me these words when I was very young and they have been my constant companion.

Whether I am anxious about the end of my favorite time of year, nervous about maintaining friendships with long-distance friends, or reflecting on my career change, I try to remind myself: to everything there is a season.

Sometimes we are anxious about the changes in our bodies in the same way that we can be anxious about the changes in the seasons. The cyclical nature of feminine health is beautiful, but it can also be challenging. (Am I the only one who always get my period when I’m about to get on a plane?)

One of the most fundamental ways to make peace with the cyclical nature of your health is to learn about fertility charting. Just as a calendar signals changes in the seasons, a fertility chart signals changes in our bodies. When you become familiar with the usual pattern of your cycles and keep track of them, you are better prepared to handle the changes that come.

Of course, life doesn’t always hit us according to our personal rhythms. Births, deaths, company downsizes, and illnesses aren’t exactly things we can schedule. We have to build resilience! While we can’t control when certain life events happen, we can learn to go easier on ourselves while coping. Knowing your body’s rhythms empowers you to make peace with the crazy changes that we experience each day…whether we are grateful for the change or dreading it. To everything there is a season.  Learn to chart!


  1. Hi Molly! Since I have the great pleasure of knowing you, I can easily imagine how you are once on the other side of each season. Enthusiastic and joyful and open are just three happy words that readily come to my mind. Also, your positioning fertility awareness in this context is not only brilliant, but it is a call to earlier times when these truths were celebrated and even reverenced. The culture hungers for this and though we must always place ourselves in 2016, the gentle blending speaks to me of creation. Love, Mama

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