PornHub Doesn’t Care About Your Questions

PornHub is the last place anyone should visit to learn the truth about the beauty of the human body and how it works.

Unfortunately (but, frankly, completely unsurprisingly), PornHub has announced its launch of the “PornHub Sexual Health Center.”  It’s trying to become a “go to” place for people with questions about sexual health.  

Don’t be fooled.  Taking your sex ed questions to PornHub is like bringing a jewel to a thief or a rhinoceros to a poacher.   

So you want to learn about your body? Good! You should.  Your questions are valid and your desires are rooted in goodness.  But please don’t trust something intrinsically beautiful with someone who finds value only in the destruction of that intrinsic beauty.  

Even if we pretend for a minute that PornHub’s intentions for its sexual health center are good, it’s impossible for those intentions to be realized.  The porn industry cannot become a source of health; it is a champion of objectification, corruptor of beauty, and one of the greatest threats to human beings everywhere.     

Forget PornHub–take your important questions to someone who wants to answer them because they respect you as a human being with unalienable dignity, not because they see you as a set of eyeballs (not to mention your other beautiful body parts) representing cash.  

PornHub doesn’t care about your questions because PornHub doesn’t care about you.  They just want you to view their content.  


  1. Well said, Molly. I’ve never even heard of Pornhub but it must be similar to the websites that planned parenthood promotes for teens – supposedly to answer their sex questions. Yikes! Also, I was wondering if you were going to write about the horrific movie being released this week – 50 shades darker? I’m sure your insight would prove valuable to those considering seeing it. Thanks for all you do!


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