How to Write Your Life Story

As y’all may remember from my post about a year ago, (“How to Make Peace with Change”), the beginning of Autumn has always made me a little anxious.  While I’m still sad to say goodbye to summer beach days, sundresses, and more relaxed schedules, I’m pleasantly surprised by just how much I’m looking forward to the change of seasons this year.  Perhaps most of all, I’m looking forward to picking up my journal again.

When I was younger, I couldn’t journal for the life of me.  I was frustrated that I couldn’t write quickly enough to capture every thought.  I was much better at buying the journal and dreaming about all the deep ideas I would explore than actually writing in it, and I have a shelf of journals with blank pages to prove it.  A few years ago, things changed.  I finally convinced myself that I might like journaling, even if I only wrote down a few things each time I tried.  Journaling quickly became an important way for me to reflect, solve problems, record important moments, and pray.  Letting go of what I thought journaling was supposed to be freed me to discover what journaling could be.  

Looking back, it’s no surprise that I began journaling soon after I began charting.  Charting is a way to record the biological signs a woman observes about her fertility each day.  As such, our charts are our biological journals.  When we record our observations about our bodies, we are writing an important part of our life story.  Even just the sheer act of writing is significant.  When we journal, our ideas and reflections take on a more tangible form; we are acknowledging that our thoughts are worth studying and remembering.  The same is true with our charts; recording what’s happening with our bodies reminds us that our bodies matter and that we can play an active role in caring for them. 

Because we are body/soul composites, we discover who we are when we journal about what’s in our minds, hearts, and bodies; connecting all of these together is essential for us to be whole persons.  As we settle into our sweaters and Autumn routines, I invite you to join me in picking up both kinds of journals.  Your thoughts…and your bodies… are worth it.   

P.S. I should admit that I listened to the soundtrack from the movie “The Holiday” over Labor Day weekend, which might be the REAL reason why I’m looking forward to colder weather…..

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  1. I love the connection between journaling and charting. I bet those of us who try this will find in our writings and reflections connections between our charts and emotions. Women are mysteries waiting to be solved!


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