An Entrepreneur’s Prayer


If you asked me even 2 hours ago when I woke up if I would ever write something explicitly showcasing my faith on “Body Language,” I would respond without hesitation, “of course not.  Are you crazy?”  But as I wrote this prayer in my journal this morning, I realized it might be helpful for others who are also developing ideas, creating business, and/or taking general leaps of faith.  So here it goes:

October 3, 2017

As I sat down to say my morning prayers, I asked You, Lord, to show me what You want to tell me.  I opened my Bible and, BAM! You showed me in the second verse I read.  I know You respond to prayers, but wow that was quick.  (Let’s keep it up, shall we?)

The second verse I read was Matthew 4:2, “And he fasted forty days and forty nights…” As the footnote in my Bible explains, “In Scripture the number forty symbolizes a period of waiting and preparation.”  Obviously this made me think of the career transition I’ve been experiencing for 2 years now.  It certainly has been “a period of waiting and preparation.” (Frankly, God, If I had know it would take this long, I’m not sure I would have been brave enough to try it.  So thanks for that.)  This time is my “forty days.”  

So far, Lord, I’ve understood that You’ve given me this “forty day” period to prepare. (Namely, to grow in humility and to learn as much as I can about women’s health and the language our society uses about it.)  It wasn’t until this morning, however, that I realized that waiting is not just an inherent part of preparation, but rather, a separate goal/purpose that You have given me.  You experienced “a period of waiting and preparation,” not just “a period of preparation that necessarily involved waiting.”  Hmmm.     

Dear Lord, please strengthen me to wait patiently, expectantly, and joyfully.  I can’t wait (haha pun intended) to see why it’s important for me to wait.  What am I waiting for? To watch “Body Language” transform from a platform into the dynamic program I’m creating? Or something else?

You know that preparation is a much easier part of this equation for me, God.  I love writing to-do lists, hosting focus groups, and developing curricula.  But waiting? What does that involve beyond watching the time that it takes me to prepare slip by? If it’s a separate goal, there must be something about waiting that doesn’t stem from preparing. Perhaps developing the virtue of patience? Maybe growing in joyful expectation? What am I waiting for? Please show me…  I’m waiting!

I love you, Lord.  Help me to love you even more.  Amen


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