Our Fertility Evolves, But It Never Ends


The sheer volume of lies we women are capable of believing about ourselves never fails to astound me. Recently, one particular lie has been weighing a little extra heavily on my heart.  

I’ve spoken with countless women who, when they learn about my advocacy work, turn their gaze towards the floor, give a little laugh, and exclaim something along the lines of, “thanks for your work, even if it’s too late for me.” Too many women believe that if their own bodies have begun or completed menopause, it’s too late for them to participate in the conversation about Fertility Awareness.

If you’ve ever believed this lie, please know: it’s never too late. Not ever.

In fact, the cultural conversation about our bodies is getting increasingly convoluted, and we desperately need your help. Even if you’re just learning the language of Fertility Awareness, you have so much wisdom to offer. You’ve encouraged each other while navigating relationships, pregnancy, and postpartum life. You’ve helped your daughters go through puberty with as much self-awareness and healthy information as possible. You’ve Googled embarrassing body questions and had awkward conversations with your doctors. You’ve experienced the life-altering highs and heartbreaking lows of being a woman. And you have so much more to experience. These female bodies of ours are mysterious at every stage of our lives.

Our body image struggles don’t end when we age; sometimes, they deepen. Our bodies don’t make more sense the older we get; sometimes, they get more confusing. Please don’t diminish your experience or discount your feelings. If we talk about these delicate issues together, perhaps our dialogue will help you find some answers and do some healing of your own.  You don’t have to use Fertility Awareness Based Methods to avoid or achieve pregnancy to benefit from the science and wisdom upon which they are based.  

What do you think perpetuates the lie that it’s too late for older women to learn about and discuss Fertility Awareness? I think it might have to do with the fact that our culture has an underdeveloped understanding of fertility itself.    

The world of fertility is not limited to ovulation, pregnancy, and breastfeeding. When we understand fertility as participating in the gift of life, we can see our own lives with a fresh perspective. Just think of all the ways you encouraged, fed, comforted, and supported others today. Thank you for your love…your fertile love that bears the fruit that serves as the foundation of our entire civilization.  

The gift of our fertility might evolve, but it never ends. And it’s never too late to share it.  

Learn more at www.bodylanguagelife.com


One comment

  1. So true. And probably this new generation of women would receive a greater degree of awareness and support if we oldsters also shared our mistakes and gradual growth into the truth of our bodies!


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