The Men Who Represent Everything Harvey Weinstein and Roy Moore Don’t


There is a group of men who quietly stand in stark contrast to the Harvey Weinsteins and Roy Moores of the world. 

It is a group of men who champion human dignity. It is a group of men who exemplify the breathtaking potential of human relationships. It is a group of men who understand that learning the intricate biology of the female body is an essential part of discovering the depth of our personhood.  

They are the men who are learning about and embracing Fertility Awareness.  

Fertility Awareness is a movement that encourages people to learn about their bodies, respect how they work, and see them as an inseparable part of our larger identity. Since the beginning of human history, we have seen what happens when someone separates a woman’s body from her full personhood. We have also seen the (albeit more subtle) damage caused by separating a woman’s mind or her spirit. Each person’s identity is a union of body, mind, and spirit; separating any of these three parts from the whole has fatal consequences. Our dignity may be unalterable, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t constantly and painfully attacked.   

The root of sexual harassment and assault is the perpetrators’ failure to see their victims as whole persons. Fertility Awareness is the antidote to the struggles we face as a society because it teaches us to see ourselves and others holistically.  

It might be tempting to think of Fertility Awareness as exclusively female since a large part of the movement is dedicated to teaching women and girls how to chart their natural fertility signs. Don’t be fooled. I speak from experience: inviting men to learn the language of our bodies improves general health, restores positive body image, fosters authentic communication, strengthens relationships, and eradicates misogyny. If this sounds like a world you’d rather live in, please join us. You won’t be disappointed.

To the gentlemen who responded to the heartbreaking number of times you saw “#MeToo” by responding “#HowIWillChange:” thank you. If you’re looking for more ways to get involved,  here are a few suggestions:

  • Re-familiarize yourself with female anatomy and avoid using derogatory slang language
  • Don’t be afraid to talk to your girlfriends and wives about Fertility Awareness. Even just mentioning the subject will show you care and validate her experience as a woman.
  • Sign this petition asking the CDC to update their information to provide accurate information about Fertility Awareness Based Methods of Family Planning (FABMs):
  • On November 17th, join a webinar to learn about FABMs and other forms of birth control. I guarantee you will learn something new.  If interested, please send an email to  

Despite how it may feel, we live in an exciting time. Yes, Fertility Awareness is counter-cultural. Don’t be afraid! If you haven’t noticed, our culture kinda sucks.   

This article is dedicated to my sweet husband Nick who is not only incredibly knowledgeable about Fertility Awareness, but also humble enough to let his wife go around and share intimate details of his life with strangers. Thanks, babe.

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