about body language

You’re Invited!

I began Body Language because I hope to invite everyone to learn about Fertility Awareness and Natural Family Planning.  Please note: Body Language is not a website designed to teach you how to use NFP, and I am not a teacher of any kind of NFP method.  I simply write about NFP from a cultural perspective, exploring it from many different angles.  

When I say invite- I truly mean invite.

Invitations are not only joyful, but also acknowledge and respect the guests’ free will, giving them the choice to accept or decline.

When I say everyone- I truly mean everyone.

Everyone deserves to know how their bodies work.  Women deserve it.  Men deserve it.  Girls deserve it.  Boys deserve it.  Yes, there are some conversations best only had with women.  Yes, there is some information best only shared with adults.  Nevertheless, there are some important truths about our bodies and they way they work that can (must!) be shared with everyone.

I hope you will enjoy exploring Body Language and I would love to hear back from you.  Please find the links to my Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest at the bottom of the page.

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