Why ISIS Relies on Birth Control

ISIS fighters rape thousands of girls and women every day. A barbaric sex trade is not only legal under the Islamic State, but also “integral” to their operations.[1] In March, the New York Times published an article exploring the role birth control plays in this horrific system. The title pretty much sums up the situation: “To…

Does Questioning the Pill Move Women Backwards?

“Opposition to the birth control pill is opposition to women’s emancipation.”[1] Dr. Amy Tuteur’s words echo the sentiments of many.  In our society, it’s difficult to criticize the birth control pill without people accusing you of being anti-woman.  The pill is not the only way to effectively avoid pregnancy, but people hold onto it with…

How to Make Peace with Change

The end of the summer always makes me sad, but this year, it feels worse for some reason. My sister-in-law started school this week, and I’m more upset about it than she is! Even the college-football hype videos my husband keeps sending me aren’t doing the trick (Roll Tide). I’m not ready to welcome autumn,…

NFP is…

I would like to challenge you to expand the way you define Natural Family Planning. Although most people define it this way, I have learned that NFP is NOT just a collection of ways that people avoid or achieve pregnancy.

Laughing Matters

We’ve all felt like our bodies are against us. Ever snorted while laughing at your crush’s joke? Gained 2 pounds after a week of exercising? Burped during an interview? Or maybe you are halfway through high school, still waiting for your first period.  When it finally comes you find yourself….

We Could Be Sheroes: Beyond the Political

The Huffington Post’s article “100 Sheroes Just Posed Nude at the Republican National Convention” is one of the most important pieces I’ve read in a long time.[1] The strength of this piece is rooted in the power of the female body.

Exciting news!

It’s with great humility that I share this exciting news with y’all- The beautiful women’s online magazine “For Her” wrote a portrait about my work!  If you’re interested in reading it, here’s the link: http://forher.aleteia.org/articles/molly-daley-fertility-awareness-body-language/

Our Selfie Culture Needs Fertility Awareness

  What would you think if you found out one of your friends spends five hours a week staring at her face? If you are a woman between the ages of 16 and 25, that friend is probably you. Thank you, selfie culture.

“Sounds Interesting, But It’s Not For Me:” 4 Myths About NFP

  You might think that, unless you are a crunchy granola 20-something who chants to the moon or a devout middle-aged mama with 12 babies, Natural Family Planning (NFP) isn’t for you. Not true. There are many damaging lies and misconceptions floating around about NFP. Let’s bust some myths!

8 Women Share the Most Shocking Things Doctors Have Told Them

Sometimes taking the pill doesn’t feel like a choice. Many women take the pill because they think it’s the only option they have to avoid pregnancy or take care of their health. I asked women from across the world to share stories about the things their doctors have told them in an attempt to persuade…