Please check out these amazing resources.  (Simply click on each to follow the link.)  If you know of others I should include, please let me know.  I’m always looking for more!

General Resources about NFP/FABMs:

Fertility Appreciation Collaborative (“FACTS”)

The Guiding Star Project

Natural Womanhood

Resources about specific NFP methods/FABMs: 

Fertility Care (Creighton)

Pope Paul VI Institute (NaPro Technology)

Couple to Couple League (Sympto Thermal)

Billings Ovulation Model

Marquette Method

One comment

  1. Best wishes! Please resource/link to as they are one of the few that teach abstinence w/NFP instruction! Catholic Kippleys started CCL but left when changes were made by the Board that they disagreed with. We teach for them at NFP Interntional, and used their materials. Lots of links plus a free chart to print. Their new book is, “NFP: The Complete Approach”, with a nice question and answer format.


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